Inclusive Financial Services Powered by Technology

For decades, legacy financial services have excluded many hard-work people because the traditional approach is plagued by high cost-to-serve and difficulty in controlling risk and fraud. In the United States alone, more than one hundred million consumers are in the Subprime credit category. Many of them find it hard, sometimes impossible, to gain access to much needed financial services.

Meanwhile, new technologies are emerging, bringing hope to better manage risk and fraud, and to lower operational costs. This is where PowerUp Technology comes in. Coupled with compassion to support the underserved population, the technologies (e.g. AI) and business models employed by PowerUp Technology will make new financial services readily available to hard-working individuals.

Make a difference in people’s lives. Be it the young woman in southern U.S. who needs some gas money to provide ride share service, or the young man in Río de Janeiro who needs basic equipment to start a street food business. We will be there to support them.

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PowerUp Technology
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AI Vision

Our mission is to elevate the underserved community and give them the credit they deserve. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at the core of our products and services offering.

Powered by AI, we bring Personal Loan Officers to consumers, help them choose the right products based on their financial situation, and guide them through the loan application process. Once they become our customers, we bring them Personal Financial Advisors, help them develop good financial habits, build up or improve their credits, and graduate to the next level.

Serve the underserved

We use our AI-driven technologies and industry leading risk models to effectively assess and manage credit risks, predict and prevent fraud, and accurately forecast market demands. These advanced capabilities help us reduce cost and loan losses, uniquely position us to design and offer the most competitive loan products in the market, identify and acquire prospective customers in a highly efficient manner.

We bring technology and compassion to serve the underserved community.

Fairness and Scale

We have different personalities. We have different skins. We speak different languages. We come from different countries. We have different cultures...

But we also have many thing in common, no matter where we are coming from. We all care about the people we love. We all want to use technology to make our lives easier. We all want fair access to resources.

Our model is to be great at combining Technology and Humanity together, to achieve fairness, and scale in across countries.